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Through revolutionary, sustainable, and transformative altruism and philanthropy, the Free African Society improves upon the outputs and outcomes of great humanitarianism, stimulating powerful collaborations between partners, rewarding sponsors with the chronicle of benevolence, and returning the investment of great philanthropy to donors. Improving the welfare of the African diaspora by helping individuals and institutions increase the quality and quantity of impact in their communities, we work to understand the root causes of the problems our community faces in each sector, research and explore solutions, convene and counsel industry leaders to participate in co-developing those solutions, and collectivizing resources while engaging the larger community to implement solutions.
Advancing the systems and structures that support Black life, we build our intellectual capacities as a community to address and attack complex and nuanced issues through the advanced ideation and innovation of our community. Working with pioneers, thinkers, leaders, and doers to co-create the infrastructure needed for institutions to emerge and evolve industries to advance Black life across sectors, we ground our work within the principles of social innovation and community organizing to spark the change we seek across the globe.

I HAV Resources

I HAV Resources is a service hub for the homeless, adolescent, and veteran community who need resources, yet are underserved. More…


Community Impact incubators and accelerators are intensives where professionals and practitioners increase their knowledge base on community challenges and solutions, shaping and developing their ideas for impact while implementing those solutions in real-time.

Black Mall St

Black Mall St. provides Black business with the network and support needed to help build healthy communication, cooperation, & collaboration between companies & consumers and build whole communities. Black Mall St.

United States of Africa

The United State of Africa Fund is to help make clear the history, heritage, cultures, and traditions of Black people internationally and strengthen the union of our diasporic family.

These activities for impact require the incubation of ideas that are focused one advancing the systems and structures that support Black education, entrepreneurship, enterprising, employment, and estate.