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Summer Camp: I Can, I Have, I Will

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Educator's Choice: Supporting Families

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Building Capacity, Building Community


I Can, I Have, I Will

Virtual Summer Camp

Our mission is to create innovative curriculum standards for K-12 education that empower communities beyond the classroom. Our alternative academic programming empowers families, students and parents, to independently lead their learning and build a future without limitations!

From 30 hours to 6 hours a week of “school-time,” the world is about 80% behind schedule.
No school, no teacher, no parent, and no child was ready for the shift of 2020. With schools not prepared to have the entire world repeat a grade, we also understand that many children will still be academically advancing without much regard for their ability to test into those grades. This is not good. We want to interrupt this pending academic pitfall.

This summer, we bridge the gap. Working with educators invested in preparing families for the evolving world, “I Can, I Have, I Will” is where our in-house classroom experiences ensure that our children receive the educational and academic boost in life that they deserve. This summer, the Free African Society is bringing traditional elements of education into the “classroom” while simultaneously innovating the academic experience considering the limitations of virtual learning.

Building experience based learning opportunities with real world, real-time application into student's lives while they are at home.

Pipelining extra-curricular activities that sponsor, mentor, guide, and develop students into young professionals in the real world in real-time.

Providing Black and African history and heritage education that directly articulates Black and African contributions to humanity and society.

Incorporating mindfulness and healthy lifestyle practices to improve mental and physical health and spiritual well-being.

Providing parent training for healthy and effective homeschooling and family wealth building.

From June 22nd to July 31st, join us online as we engage content and materials that help prepare us all for the evolving world.

Earth Science
Environment Science
Farming & Agriculture 
Biology & Human Health
Innovations in Technology

Health & Wellness 

Cooking & Baking
Physical Fitness
Dance Fitness

Media Literacy
History of Social Media
Evolution of Social Media
“Fake News” vs Real News
Investigative Journalism
“How To Google”
Researching beyond SEO

Civic Duty & Responsibility

Black History
African American History
African History
Caribbean History
South American History
Ancient African History

Cultural Arts

Business & Financial Lit
Taxes, Credit, Debt, Banking
Entrepreneurship, Enterprising
Stocks, Bonds, Trade, Currency

Adulthood & Growing Up
College vs Trade School
Work vs Entrepreneurship
Life outside of School

Family Time
Family Food
Family Fun
Family Feud
Family Fitness

Community Conversations
Supporting Our Businesses
Educating Our Children
Municipal & Government Services
Preparing For The Future
Creating Our Own “New” Normal


May 4th - June 15th


June 22nd - July 31st

Upon enrollment, students receive a syllabus and study guide which prepares them for the summer and provides them with additional content and learning materials that they can use with the entire family during this quarantine home-stay.