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Summer Camp: I Can, I Have, I Will

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Building Capacity, Building Community


Who We Are

A heritage foundation advancing the state of the Black African diaspora in Philadelphia and the greater Philadelphia region, bringing together people, skills, and resources to empower the infrastructure of Black industries and institutions.

Invest In Children

Directly investing into the lives of children, providing them with sponsorships, mentorship, internship, and apprenticeship because we believe in their ability to advance their communities.

Invest In Ourselves

We are who we have been waiting for, this we build the state of Black education, entrepreneurship, enterprising, employment, and estate together as a community.

Invest In Each Other

We ground our work within the principles of social innovation and community organizing to spark the change we seek across the globe.

Black Excellence

Our Affirmation of Love
We understand the value of community advancement as a necessity for the future of the people in our neighborhoods, our city, our nation and our world.
We stand and mobilize for righteousness, equality, and justice under a united front that we build together through peace and love.
We know how important and equitable true education is, and that learning should stretch beyond the classroom.
We show our children virtue, morality, respect, and love through the construction of the mind, body, and soul.
We consciously take interest in our environments, ensuring universal safety, just legislation, and equity for all.
We teach the importance of history, HERstory, YOURstory and MYstory so that THEstory is less of a mystery.
We are who we have been waiting for.

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